As a retired U.S. Navy Officer with 25 years of service, I understand how important it is to focus on what brings us together as Americans first.  It is time for our Nation to rise on the ideals of hard-work, accountability, and integrity.  

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Politicians are supposed to work for us – not for the high up folks who spend their time looking down on working people.   I grew up in Red Oak, North Carolina during a time when people in government were more concerned with following the will of the people – not being followed by the people on social media.

North Carolina is home to 650,000 military veterans.  We owe a debt to those who honorably serve to keep us safe.   We have a sacred obligation to ensure that they have the best available healthcare, social services, housing, and transitional education. 

I come from a family of people who had to work for a living.  My grandfather sharecropped by picked cotton and my mother paid our bills by working at the Rocky Mount Cotton Mill.  I have had to work three jobs in order to keep the lights on for my family.  I know the importance of making sure that workers in the richest Nation in the world have the opportunity to earn a living wage.